Falken Tire Canada 28030952

Falken Tire Canada 28030952




Tire; WILDPEAK AT3W; LT305 X 55R20; All Terrain Light Truck & SUV; Steel Belted; Radial; Raised Black Letter; Tubeless; Symmetrical Tread Design; 55000 Mile Tread Wear Warranty; Load Range E; Service Rating 121/118S (3195 Pounds Single Tire Max Load/ 2910 Pounds Dual Tire Max Load 112 MPH Speed Rating); Fits 8.5 Inch Through 11.0 Inch Wide Wheels; 19/32 Inch Tread Depth; 65 PSI Max Pressure

  • A Secondary Bead Apex Acts As A Heat Shield To Protect The Internal Casing Of The Tire, Resulting In Confident Handling And Durability With The Benefit Of Sidewall Protection On Rough Roads
  • Heat Diffuser Technology In The Lower Sidewall Dissipates Heat To Protect The Internal Tire Components
  • Keeping This Critical Area Of The Tire Cool Ensures Vehicle Stability Even When Towing Or Carrying Heavy Loads
  • 3D Canyon Sipe Technology: Interlocks The Shoulders To Resist Wear From High Torque As Well As Providing Additional Handling Stability
  • Aggressive Upper Sidewall: Along With Offset Shoulder Blocks Protect The Tire From Sharp Rocks And Provide Additional Off-Road Traction At Low Tire Pressures Or In Off-Camber Situations
  • Silica Tread Compound Delivers Superior Wear Life And Wet Performance
  • Rugged And Rigid Tread Blocks: Feature Support Ramps And Step-Down Features That Provide Tread-Pattern Rigidity In The Contact Patch, Enhancing Vehicle Stability And Handling
  • Rugged And Rigid Tread Blocks: Also Prevents Stones From Becoming Trapped In The Grooves
  • Deepest Tread In The Category: Provides Long Lasting Wear As Well As Consistent Snow And Hydroplane Resistance Throughout The Life Of The Tire
  • Limited 55,000 Mile Tread Wear Warranty


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